Steampunk Chronicles STEAM


Online Multiplayer

An exciting mix of RPG and arcade action, Steampunk Chronicles is set in a vast, mechanized world where airships rule the sky and iron warriors stalk the cobblestone streets of Stalheim. Grab friends for an epic adventure and ride Zepplins, escape No-Man’s Land and fight through stunning environments while customizing and enhancing weapons with cogs, relics and the elements. Become immersed in the mechanical age of Clockwork Chronicles and dare for glory, treasure and heroic renown.


• Action-Focused Steampunk RPG

• 4 Player Co-Op

• Stunning Environments: from Jungles and Zepplins, to the Mechanized City of Stalheim

• Customizable Weapons and Equipment with Augmentation System

• Steamworks™ Leader Boards  and Online Multi-Player Integration

• Achievement Unlocks and Trophy Collection


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