Message from the Chairman

In its humble beginnings, XYLA Entertainment was created to be an independent, forthright brand set on a course to refine and revolutionize common trends. Our vision is simple: cut away from the mediocrity of today’s entertainment industry and carve our niche in tomorrow’s success with innovation and value.

XYLA has been built on a strong foundation with a well-defined map to its exciting future. Presently, with the gaming market changing radically every day, XYLA has a clear strategy; always think ahead, build achievable expectations, and tap into the unique ideas of a rich and thriving gaming culture. It’s through research and critical analysis that XYLA is emerging as the leader in gaming entertainment remembered by forthcoming generations.


Our future is bright here at XYLA Entertainment. With the unparalleled talent of our team, XYLA hopes to evolve as a leading and diversified powerhouse across the several multimedia businesses, bringing its consumers top-notch, leading titles in the entertainment space today.

XYLA represents Today’s Entertainment. Revolutionized.



Chairman, XYLA Entertainment