Aviation and Aerospace

Reach New Heights with Aviation and Aerospace Solutions!  Aviation and Aerospace industry is succeeding tremendously in recent times due to technological advancements, global connectivity, innovation in space exploration, and more.


It is business as usual for many individuals to keep commuting between countries. Or it could be a simple travel for pleasure. Reason whatsoever, people have been using the aviation industry predominantly owing to the convenience and for saving time. Similarly, the aerospace industry has also seen fabulous growth due to satellite technologies and space exploration increasing manifold. We successfully filled the following positions in the aviation industry with talented professionals

Solutions or Roles we support

  • Designated Engineering Representative (DER)
  • Engineering Manager / Supervisor
  • Mechanical Engineer / Design
  • Structural Engineer / Liaison / Design
  • Systems Engineer
  • Stress Engineer / Structural Analyst
  • Avionics Engineer
  • Airworthiness Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer / Design
  • Manufacturing Engineer / Industrial Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer/Software Integration Engineer
  • Program Engineer / Project Engineer
  • Technical Writer / Illustrator

Why Xyla

As the industry is flourishing, there is dire requirement for talented aviation & aerospace solutions. It is highly risky to recruit amateurs in this industry as it could lead to serious repercussions. That is why, Xyla always emphasizes on recruiting experienced and best professional for essaying various roles in aviation & aerospace industry.

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